Ottawa University’s Upcoming Stuttering Treatment Programs

The first intensive treatment clinic of 2016, “under new management” with the University of Ottawa Health Services (UOHS), will be held April 25th to May 10th. Another clinic will be offered this summer from July 10th to July 26th.

In addition to some full-time clients, we are looking to fill this clinic with a few people interested in a one or two-day refresher session. The cost will be $116 per day, for which you will be billed by the UOHS.

Many of you may have extended health-care benefits which will help to cover the cost. Another option is crowd-source funding: let friends and family know of the work you plan to do on your speech and ask for their help for this vital service, which is not covered under our provincial health-care plan. You may be surprised at how donations add up.

If you are interested in attending all or part of this clinic, please let Caroline Bredeson (speech-language pathologist) know by replying to the contact info below:

Caroline Bredeson, M.Sc.(A.)
Speech-language Pathologist | Orthophoniste, Reg. CASLPO |OAOO
Department of Speech-language Pathology
The Ottawa Hospital | L’Hopital d’Ottawa
T: 613-737-8899, 11111 | F: 613-737-7056
cabredeson AT



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