Famous People who Stutter

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Given Name Family Name Claim to Fame Notes/Bio (ext link)
Henry Guy Carleton Playwright (1856-1910) encyclopedia.com   
Clara Barton Teacher, Nurse, Founder of the Red Cross (USA) (1821-1912)Wikipedia   
Jorge Luis Borges Author, Poet, Essayist (1899-1986)Wikipedia   
Boris Becker Athlete (Tennis) (1967- )Wikipedia   
Robert Boyle Chemist (First Modern) (1627-1691) Wikipedia   
Richard Branson Entrepreneur (1950- ) Wikipedia   
Lewis Carroll Author (1832-1898) A short poem   
King Charles I King of England (1600-1649) Article on BBC's site   
Nat King Cole Musician (1919-1965) Wikipedia   
Richard Condon Author (1915-1996) Bio at imdb.com   
Charles Darwin Naturalist (1809-1882) Bio at aboutdarwin.com   
King George VI King of England (1895-1952) Article in The Telegraph   
Robert Heinlein Author (1907-1988) Wikipedia   
Henry James Author (1843-1916) Wikipedia   
Thomas Jefferson President (USA) (1743-1826) Wikipedia   
Washington Irving Author (1783-1859) Wikipedia   
John "Scatman" Larkin Musician, Singer (1942-1999) The Stuttering Homepage   
Philip Larkin Poet (1922-1985) Poetry Foundation   
Raymond Massey Actor (1896-1983) Wikipedia   
William Somerset Maugham Author, Novelist, Playwright (1874-1965) Wikipedia   
Marilyn Monroe Actor (1926-1962) Wikipedia   
Isaac Newton Scientist (1642-1727) Wikipedia   
Byron Pitts Journalist (1960- ) Houston Chronicle   
Jack Paar Entertainer (1918-2004) The Stuttering Foundation   
John Sculley CEO (Pepsi: 1967-82; Apple: 1983-93) (1939- ) Wikipedia   
Joseph Biden Vice President (USA) (1942- ) lettersofnote.com   
Arthur M. Blank Businessman; Co-founder of The Home Depot (1942- ) thedailybeast.com   
Noel Gallagher Musician (Oasis; High Flying Birds) (1967- ) Wikipedia   
Gareth Gates Singer-Songwriter (1984-) Wikipedia   
Horace Grant Athlete (Basketball) (1965- ) Wikipedia   
Samuel L. Jackson Actor (1948- ) The Independent   
James Earl Jones Actor (1931- ) The Daily Mail   
Harvey Keitel Actor (1939- ) Appearance on the Conan O'Brian Show   
Peggy Lipton Actor (1946- ) People Magazine   
Greg Louganis Athlete (Diver) (1960- ) Bio at wsamoa.ws   
Shane Yellowbird Singer-Songwriter (1979- ) Bio from his official website   
Kenyon Martin Athlete (Basketball) (1977- ) Article in The Seattle Times   
Nicholas Brendon Actor (1971- ) Article in USA Today   
Sam Neill Actor (1947- ) Article at The British Stammering Association Website   
Bruce Oldfield Fashion Designer (1950- ) Article in People Magazine, 1987   
Adrian N. Peterson Athlete (Football) (1979- ) Article in The Chicago Tribune   
Alan Rabinowitz Conservationist (1953- ) Article in National Geographic Adventure Magazine   
Eric Roberts Actor (1956- ) Article in New York Post (See also: Julia Roberts)   
David Shields Author (1956- ) thedaysofyore.com   
Carly Simon Singer (1945- ) thedailybeast.com   
John Stossel Journalist (1947- ) Transcript of CNN Live Interview   
Dave Taylor Athlete (Hockey) (1955- ) Article in the Los Angeles Times   
Mel Tillis Singer (1932- ) Wikipedia   
Andrew Lloyd Webber Composer (1948- ) Wikipedia   
John Updike Author (1932-2009) achievement.org   
Bruce Willis Actor (1955- ) Bio at biography.com   
Julia Roberts Actor (1967- ) looktothestars.org   
Marc Anthony Singer (1968- ) Time magazine Article   
Jim Davis Cartoonist (1945- ) The Telegraph Interview   
Henry Luce Publisher (1898-1967) Wikipedia   
James (Jimmy) Stewart Actor (1908-1997) Wikipedia   
Darren Sproles Athlete (Football) (1983- ) San Diego Chargers site   
George Chuvalo Athlete (Boxer) (1937- ) Wikipedia   
Rowan Atkinson Actor (1955- ) Time magazine   
Margaret Drabble Author (1939- ) The Guardian   
Jake Eberts Movie Producer (1941- ) Wikipedia   
Emily Blunt Actor (1983- ) nymag.com   
Mike Rowe Actor, TV Host (1962- ) The Lincoln Journal Star   
B.B. King Muscian (1925- ) gibson.com   
Given Name Family Name Occupation Bio (ext link)


Stuttering in History and the Quest for a Cure, By Benson Bobrick (Simon & Schuster: 240 pp.)   
The Stuttering Homepage   
The Stuttering Foundation   


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