Despite the threat of rain throughout the day and the odd drizzle, the Ottawa Association of People Who Stutter held its first annual garage sale on Saturday June 25 2011. With a convenient location in the west end of Ottawa on a very busy street the sale attracted many customers who went away with tremendous deals.

 By the end of the day we had raised over $400.  This money will be used to cover OAPWS expenses such as rental fees for our bi-monthly meeting space as well as printing fees for our brochures and other publicity material.

 The sale not only raised money but gave us another opportunity to publicize our group and create further awareness about stuttering.

 Thanks go to the many OAPWS members who contributed items for sale as well as friends and family members who gave us lots of donations. We want to especially thank Norm for storing many of the items in his garage and for bringing them on the day of the sale.

 We could not have managed during the day were it not for the great help of Sylvie Manser and Michael & Carol Anne Desmarais. Finally, a very big thank you has to go to my sister Marie Khorrami first and foremost for her ongoing support of OAPWS and especially for her exuberant enthusiasm and heartwarming spirit that made the day such fun.


There's a bargain in that pile - somewhere!
Items for sale big and small




Published by David Burton

I first took speech therapy some 30 years ago in Ottawa and recently completed a semi-intensive course at the Ottawa Stuttering Treatment Clinic. I am an active member of OAPWS and appreciate the support and sharing of common experiences.

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