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Benefit Concert for The Stuttering Treatment Clinic of the Ottawa Hospital – by David Burton

On Friday August 27th the Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre held a benefit concert at Carleton University for its Stuttering Treatment Clinic.

The concert featured performances by pianist John Kofi Dapaach, the Capital City Chorus Quartet Polaris and a String Quartet of students from Carleton’s music program.

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Avishesh Shah, Scott Laporte, Barry Savoy and Norm McEwen who have taken the treatment program at the Clinic gave brief presentations on their experiences as individuals who stuttered and what a difference the treatment program has made in their lives.

The evening of fantastic entertainment and inspiring speeches highlighted the important work done by the clinic. Funds from the concert will assist individuals attending the Clinic’s programs. The Ottawa Stuttering Treatment Clinic is one of only three facilities in Canada that offers intensive and semi intensive treatment programs for people who stutter.

At the end of the concert Norm gave a special thank you to Kara Beck, speech pathologist at the Clinic who organized the concert. Kara also received a bouquet of flowers in recognition of her dedicated work at the clinic and the difference she has made in the lives of so many people who stutter.

In addition to fund raising events such as the benefit concert, the Clinic takes part in Ottawa’s annual Race Weekend held at the end of each May. Staff and clients of the clinic, their friends and family participate in various race weekend events and obtain sponsorship to raise funds for the Marie Poulos Fund.

For information about the Ottawa Stuttering Treatment Clinic at the Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre please visit their website.

-by David Burton


Benefit Concert Photo Gallery

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