OAPWS Talks to First Year U of Ottawa Speech-Language Pathology Students

I had the pleasure (and public speaking now is a pleasure, believe it or not) to be a part of the threesome from the OAPWS that spoke to the first-year speech-language pathology students at the University of Ottawa.

For the third year, Mrs. Lynn Metthe, who not only instructs and advises the first-year speech-language students, but also is an accomplished speech path that has put into practice what she teaches, had asked the OAPWS for some of our members to speak to her class.

We have found that speaking to her students benefits everyone. We benefit by having the opportunity to speak off-the-cuff to a group of strangers, and about a topic we care deeply about; namely stuttering. Continue reading “OAPWS Talks to First Year U of Ottawa Speech-Language Pathology Students”


OAPWS is participating in the 2013 Ottawa Race Weekend as members of the Stuttering Treatment Clinic Team. This event is one of Canada’s most prestigious race events of the year and takes place on May 25h & 26th. The Team is under the umbrella of the Ottawa Hospital Foundation’s (OHF) “Run For A Reason” campaign.

Money we raise will go directly to the Marie Poulos Bursary Fund which enables teens and adults attend speech therapy programs at the Stuttering Treatment Clinic. This clinic is located at the Rehab Centre of the Ottawa General Hospital and is only one of three such facilities in Canada to offer semi-intensive and intensive therapy programs for individuals who stutter.

The bursary fund is named in honour of Marie Poulos, a speechlanguage pathologist who worked at the Clinic from 1979 until she was tragically killed in a car accident in 1991. Several members of OAPWS actually knew Marie in the 1990s and can testify first hand what a wonderful speech therapist she was.

You can help us reach our goal of raising $5000 by sponsoring our team. Continue reading “SUPPORT PEOPLE WHO STUTTER BY SPONSORING OUR TEAM IN THE 2013 OTTAWA RACE WEEKEND”

Ottawa Library Presentation: Talking About Stuttering

On Saturday April 27, 2013 members of the Ottawa Association of People Who Stutter will give a presentation titled Talking About Stuttering at the Nepean Centrepointe Branch of the Ottawa Public Library.

Members will discuss causes of and common misconceptions related to stuttering, current therapy options for children and adults and helpful suggestions for concerned parents. The presentation will take place from 11:00-12:30.

You can register for this program online by going to the library’s program site here.

To register online you will be asked to input your library card no.

You can also register by calling 613-580-2710

We especially encourage parents who are concerned about their children’s stuttering to attend. OAPWS members will also be available after the presentation to discuss any concerns people may have or to learn more about our group.

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Special Showing of the Documentary “Bully”

We are pleased to announce that the Ottawa Family Cinema will have a special screening of the powerful 2012 documentary film, “Bully” on Friday, November 23rd at 7pm. Proceeds from this showing will go to the Marie Poulos Bursary Fund. This fund assists individuals who stutter attend intensive and semi-intensive speech therapy programs at The Stuttering Treatment Clinic at Ottawa General Hospital. Tickets are only $6 in advance.

This year, over 13 million American and Canadian kids will be bullied at school, online, on the bus, at home, through their cell phones and on the streets of their towns…
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A Letter of Thanks

The following email was received from Lynn Metthe, Clinical Coordinator, who teaches the first-year speech-language pathology students at the University of Ottawa.

“A heart felt THANK YOU to Norm and Laura who volunteered to speak to 1st speech-language pathology and audiology students. Students were moved and inspired by their stories. Their presentation helped set the tone for the year and helped me communicate that you don’t treat the symptoms…you treat the person. Lynn Metthé Clinical Coordinator”

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Are you a former member of Speechmasters of Ottawa the self-help group for people who stutter that was very active in the 1980s and the early 1990s? This was a very large group that met in the Ottawa Rehabïlatation  Centre.  Marie Poulos was the speech therapist at the Stuttering Treatment Clinic at that time.


I, along with several other members of the current Ottawa Association of People Who Stutter (OAPWS) was also a member of the Speechmasters group and Continue reading “ARE YOU A FORMER MEMBER OF SPEECHMASTERS OF OTTAWA?”